Toy Story Birthday Party

My little guys are really, really into Toy Story. One thinks he’s Buzz, the other Woody.

Woody (Will)

So, for their second birthday, our theme was obvious. Now, I love to plan a party. I’d rather do that than participate in one. Let me take control of the details, and make sure everything goes off without a hitch, and I’m a happy clam.

So, I got to planning right away. As usual, I used Pinterest to gather ideas. I used Etsy to purchase the invitations and downloadables where needed. But mostly, we just got creative. I have two posts on printing the banner below and making the wreath for the front door.

image  Toy Story Wreath

I used a bunch of Toy Story characters to create the table centerpiece. I tried to make it look like Andy’s room before they moved. I was able to find cloud runner that looked very similar to the backdrop in Toy Story from Oriental Trading.


The cake was super cute. We used KD Cakes by Donna to make the cake and cake pops. They were absolutely adorable, and it’s the best tasting cake I’ve ever had!


In the bathroom, I was able to find some Toy Story hand towels on Ebay, and swapped out our regular powder room towels with these. To amp up the fun, I bought a clear soap dispenser, and put some green Army Guys in the soap. Everyone loved it!


For fun, we played Pin the Face on Mr. Potato Head. Sam created a life size (seriously as tall as I am) Mr. Potato Head on cardboard from felt, and matching face pieces for the kids to put onto him. It was so cute! We also had a piñata that the kids loved whacking. Candy went everywhere! Goody bags were little bags I found on Amazon, stuffed with all sorts of Toy Story items found on Amazon and Oriental Trading.

Potato Head    image



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