My passion for photography got restarted 13 years ago when this guy was born. Up until he started school, I took at least 1 photo a week of my first nephew, Joey — or Bubbe as I call him.  My lens has seen him transform from a chubby baby to an awkward 5-year-old trying to play baseball to a strong 13-year-old who loves to play hockey.  When he was born, I had to switch from 35mm film to a digital camera.  It was a tough transition.  I loved the feel of my old manual Nikon. It fit my hand perfectly and I had learned to compose my shots thoughtfully in the viewfinder — not some hole in the body of the camera near the lens. I missed being in the darkroom and being able to manipulate the image. Most of all, I just did not want to give up the past. Once I discovered DSLRs, I felt I was home again.  The best of both worlds.  I got my single lens back.  What I saw through my viewfinder was coming directly from my lens! I have not looked back –much — since.  I still have my old Nikon in the basement along with all of my darkroom equipment, but digital is so much easier, and I love the instant gratification. With my nephews & niece, I have discovered that I cannot bring myself to manipulate the photos I take. I feel like it is my job in the family to capture the memories, warts and all. I still love to snap nature photos when i am out, but the kids bring me the most joy. I will dust off all the old equipment in the basement someday when life slows down, but until then, I will keep it digital.


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