We switched things up and decided to take a Fall trip and invite Aunt Patty and cousin Jessie from Florida to the Scrapbook Manor in Lake Geneva. We left the kids behind andhad a real grownup weekend away. Whenever Mom & Aunt Patty get together there’s a lot of giggling & whispering between the 2 of them.  They have been friends and sisters-in-law for 50 years and hold on to each other’s secrets, uttering O’Muerta whenever someone tries to get anything out of them.  No amount of wine or whining can get them to slip and reveal a juicy tidbit.

For this trip, we scaled back our logo swag to T-shirts and latte cups.  We did get matching pjs for everyone though.  Our logo cups held more wine than lattes most of the weekend.  Jessie was already a scrapper, but Aunt Patty was new to the craft.  The Manor had a page design contest for all of the guests, and Aunt Patty’s page of Peyton was the big winner.  This scrappin’ thing must be in the DNA.


If you’re interested in The Scrapbook Manor, click here.

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