Monster Birthday

Monster 1

Trying to decide on a theme for the boys’ first birthday was so hard! There were too many cute ideas. Of course, I started working on it months in advance, because I knew I’d go over the top in planning. Finally, I settled on Monsters. They are, after all, my little monsters!

First, was where to have it. The guest list was almost as big as our wedding list, so it couldn’t be at home. Luckily, my husband works for a large family entertainment center company, so it was the perfect spot. I worked with an event coordinator there to pick out the menu and set up the room. We had a great room off of the game area.

For the decorations, I turned to Etsy. There were tons of great party packs to download and customize. All you need to do is put in your names and print whatever you are going to use. Yes, you’ll use up some toner in your printer, but there’s nothing like personalized details.  We used our Cricuts to cut the monster centerpieces, as well as to make the placemats. Also, to give the pendants more texture, we cut flags to mount the printed flags on. This made them a bit heavier and so cute. Each centerpiece had a photo of the boys. To make the frames, we bought wooden frames at the craft store, painted them, and applied googly eyes and decorations. I absolutely loved these!

monster 12          monster 9     monster 8

For favors, we again used our Cricut to embellish little bags we bought at the craft store, and put little monster trinkets in each. Of course, we had to have an “Adopt a Monster” station for everyone to choose a monster to take home.

monster 6             monster 7


We set up a photo booth for guests to take pictures. Sam, being the more artsy one, created “lifesize” monsters as props. The printables came with silly monster props to use, and we also purchased some funny monster glasses. We used Jackie’s photo backdrop equipment, and purchased vinyl backdrops through Etsy (can you tell I love Etsy??). Add some fun decoration, and you have yourself a fun place to take photos!


monster 11    monster 13     W&C1stBDayParty 124

Now, the cake. Cake is very important. Very, very important. Not only does it need to be cute, it needs to taste fabulous. We found Donna from KD Cakes by Donna through our friends, and she came up with these absolutely perfect and yummy cakes. And you can tell the boys loved their first cakes!

monster 10   monster 3   monster 2

The day was so fun! The boys had a great time, the guests had a great time, and we were so blessed!




2 thoughts on “Monster Birthday

  1. Hi there “Girls Gone Mild” gals! Your ideas are so fabulous! I’m sure once your blog gets going that you are going to have many followers. (You might want to consider allowing ads on the side column eventually. I know these may seem annoying to your viewers, but they will pay you back, once your blog grows to 10k of followers. Which I’m sure you’ll easily get too.) Just a suggestion from your friend Bren:-).
    Your blog is so adorable, that I am looking forward to all your future cute posts. I’d love to see more photos of your events that you have hosted and personally maybe a lesson on the Cricut machine? I don’t have one, but I’d love to learn how to use it.
    Take care and keep up the great work!!


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