Legacy Stripe Blanket

image1 (1)

Hi all! It’s Sam and I would like to share my love of crochet and all things crafty with you. Now, I haven’t been crocheting very long. Only about a year and a half. But in that year and a half I have become hooked (HA! See what I did there?). No really, I have. Maybe even a little (a lot) obsessed with whatever I’m working on. One of my obsessions was surprising  Jackie with a blanket to match her favorite scarf for her birthday. I devised a plan to get the scarf away from Jackie so that I could match the yarn as close as possible.

I had decided to do a Corner to Corner blanket because ,well, I was obsessed with this pattern.  I had done a C2C baby blanket (following this pattern) for a coworker and I loved it because it worked up fast and had a beautiful texture. Plus you crochet on the diagonal so you go as large or as small as you want and then decrease to the last corner. This is a really fun blanket to do if you want to make fun stripes with different colors too.

After I was done with the blanket, I loved it so much that I had a hard time giving it away. But I knew Jackie would love it and I love her so I gave it up. Check it out!


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