It’s 2 Boys!

Baby Shower 5

Is there anything happier than a baby shower? Yes, a shower for TWINS! It seems like Jill & Brian waited a lifetime to complete their family. To help them celebrate & prepare for their arrival, Mom, Sam & I wanted to throw them a shower worthy of their wait. Since Will & Charlie’s room had a puppy dog theme, we decided to use puppies for the shower theme. We made banners, diaper wreaths, a back drop & of course a diaper cake. I am not going to lie, we worked like dogs for weeks to cut & assemble everything. Then took 2 days to transform my house into the puppy palace Jill deserved. We also had an amazing menu created & prepared by 2 great friends.

Jill's Shower 018

We used our Cricuts to cut out the flags & letters to make 5 banners.

Jill's Shower 008  Baby Shower 2

To make the backdrop for gift opening, we used yards and yards of embroidery thread to make “clothesline” in just the right shades of blue & brown. We zig-zagged that across my photo backdrop and filled it with baby clothes.

Jill's Shower 007   Jill's Shower 123

And what party would be complete without a sweet table? I admit, we had loads of fun filling the buffet with sweets for everyone. We filled apothecary jars with candy and treats that matched our blue & brown theme — not an easy feat. We finished it off with sweets we baked and little paper doggy bags for everyone to fill and take home.

Jill's Shower 023   Jill's Shower 011   Jill's Shower 202

Instead of a game we also had a craft that Jill will share in a future post, so stay tuned…

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