Menu Board


For my birthday one year, Sam made me a menu board for my kitchen. She had made one for herself, and I loved it. The premise is so easy: use a 7 photo wall frame, some paper, and a dry erase marker, and you have a super cute way to let the family know what your dinner plans are for the week!

I loved it so much, I’ve been making them as gifts for people I know love to stay organized. I tailor them to their d├ęcor or kitchen colors. Tie on a marker, and you have a sweet, useful gift!


What you need:

  • 7 photo wall frame, available at many big box stores
  • Coordinating scrapbook paper
  • Sticky letters, or letters cut using your Cricut
  • Dry Erase marker

How to assemble:

  1. Decide which direction the menu will hang, and choose the paper to place in in photo spot. Cut the paper to fit.
  2. Open the back of the frame, and place the paper into each spot. I suggest you tape or glue the paper into place to ensure it doesn’t slip. Place the back of the frame on and tighten.
  3. Flip the frame back to the front and adhere the letters for each day of the week to the glass, one in each picture section. You can to the entire word, an abbreviation, or just the first letter of the day. Do whatever you think looks best.



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