Scrapping 101


Scrapbooking is about capturing moments — big & small. Everyone has their own style. Of the 4 of us GGMs, mine is bright, colorful & sometimes over embellished. If you are new to scrapbooking, head to a craft store to pick up these essentials:

  • 12×12 paper (anything that speaks to you or makes you think of a favorite photo)
  • Permanent dot glue rollers
  • Rotary paper cutter
  • Embellishments (stickers, enamel pieces, chip board)

These are just the basics, but they will get you started. No need to start with a lot. As you put together your first few pages, your style will develop and you will begin to focus your supply needs.


Once you have your supplies, find a somewhat quiet space in the house to work. Next gather some photos. Here are some steps to help you create a page that makes you smile:

  1. Pick a pic that you love
  2. Grab some papers that will bring the memory to life
  3. Pull together embellishments (stickers, enamel pieces, ribbon, etc)
  4. Crop your photo (Aunt Bernie’s elbow got in the shot, cut it out)
  5. Think of a title & cut it out on your Cricut or use chipboard alphabet stickers
  6. Move things around on your 12×12 paper until you like what you see
  7. If you’e worried you will forget what goes where, snap a pic with your phone
  8. Use your glue runner to put everything in its place

No matter how it turns out, your page will trigger a memory that deserves to be archived. Each page you complete will open the door to your creativity a little bit wider than the page before. Your style will evolve, and you will need to go to the craft store again or do some online shopping to build your supply cache. All scrappers love to shop for supplies.

It’s your turn now. Buy some supplies. Create a page. Share it here with us.

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