40 Bags in 40 Days-Week 1 Results


This is A LOT harder than I thought! First, coming up with list of areas to clean and organize was really hard. I tried to go room by room, and plan it out. In reality, it’s easier to just make the list of the places, and hit them when you have the time to do them. For instance, I hadn’t planned to do the boys’ dressers this week, but I was turning their room from a nursery to a bedroom (time for big boy beds!). Since I had to move their dressers around, it was the right time to clean out the drawers.

This week, I only did three areas: their dressers, the hall closet, and my minivan. So, I didn’t do one every day because of the many things we have going on here, but I was very productive anyway.

The hall closet is just a mess. Always. It has shoes, coats, and toys we take away because they’ve been used to injure or maim. It’s also a strange shape, not a rectangle. It makes it difficult to hang things because of a slanted wall. But I did my best, and removed 4 bags here: 2 to donate, and 2 to throw away. The garbage was mostly shoes. Because I have a shoe issue.


Next was the car. With littles, they’re always throwing things around. Juice boxes, shoes, socks. And I’m always drinking coffee: Starbucks, McDonald’s, Dunkin Donuts. I don’t care. I need it. Here I got rid of 1/2 bag of garbage and a container of stuff to come into the house and put away.


Back to their dressers. These two never hurt for something to wear. They’ve been blessed with family and friends who are willing to keep them in clothing. I move out the small stuff each season, but I needed to go through everything. I still had receiving blankets-3 years later! So, in this clean up, I got 1 bag of garbage, 1 bag of things to donate, and 1 of things to store. And, three empty drawers. So now I can spread out their clothes!!

Grand total for this week: 7 1/2 bags!! Woot woot! Even with only 3 areas, I was able to stay on target! Tell me how you’re doing! Or, tell  me what you do to stay organized, I need the help!


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