Paper Mache Bunny


A very quick easy Easter project for you or your kids to do! I bought a paper mache’ bunny at Target in their dollar spot for $3.00!
You can either paint & embellish or use scrapbook paper to decorate it.
What you’ll need:

  • Paper Mache bunny
  • 2 pcs of either matching or coordinating paper
  • tacky glue or Mod Podge
  • scissors, pencil, foam brush, sanding tool
  • roller & inks are optional

How to assemble:

  1. Start by tracing the outline of bunny on paper and cut out the shape.
  2. measure the side & cut strips of paper the width of bunny. Mine was 1 1/2wide & I cut 3 strips to go all the way around.
  3. put some glue on the sides and smooth out glue on entire surface of side, then put the paper on the side & smooth down.
  4. When sides are finished, do the same to the top of bunny. Let dry & sand edges to smooth if desired or just trim. Ink sides if desired, too.
  5. I cut a circle of paper to glue where tail is, then glue a cotton ball to it. Then I used my ink & patted on cotton ball.
  6. I used a flower, cut in 1/2 for the eye w/bling as eye.
  7. Make ears & nose & glue down.
  8. Embellish as desired.

IMG_4267    IMG_4273 [504278]  IMG_4272  IMG_4276

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