Blackhawks Cowl


I am relatively new to the crochet world. Translate: I screw up…a lot. Does that mean I just unravel all that hard work? No way! I simply turn my screw up into something else. For example, I had started working on a ripple(zig-zag, chevron) blanket in my favorite NHL team, the Chicago Blackhawks, colors. Somewhere along the way, I lost count. I hadn’t messed up enough to where it looked wonky or anything. Just enough to annoy me. I knew I couldn’t continue on trying to right my wrong. My OCD wouldn’t let me continue while my laziness wouldn’t let me rip it apart. So guess what? I whip stitched the ends of the “blanket” together and…VOILA! Instant cowl! What could be even better? I made boot cuffs to match and gifted them to my sister Jill for her birthday! I am working on a new blanket and I’m being very careful to not lose count this time! Stay tuned…


You can find the ripple blanket pattern here.

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