40 Bags in 40 Days-Week 2 Results


This was a very tough week. What with the boys’ birthday and Easter, I didn’t have a lot of time to focus on this. But, I was able to organize some things that really needed it-the kitchen drawers and the island.

If you know me, you know I love all things kitchen: appliances, bowls, linens, you name it. Oh, especially gadgets. Attacking this part of the kitchen was really hard on me, because I have a weird attachment to these things. But it needed to be done.

This week was a snowball: when I cleaned one thing, I needed to do another because I moved things around as I went. What started out as 2 drawers became 6 drawers, 3 cabinets and the island. I love progress!


Yikes! What are these things? Potholders, bibs, towels. And the ziplocks and aluminum foil. Not very organized at all. So I set out to get rid of old, yucky items, and use the newer ones. Also to find a new home for the bags because I wanted that drawer for cooking utensils.


Look at this! I redid the two drawers in the island, drawers next to the stove and under the island to make it all more functional. Having the bowls and cutting boards where I need them makes more sense.

One cabinet that was always an issue was the baking cabinet. It was too small. So when I moved the bowls, I gained a cabinet! I think it works, don’t you?


Grand total: 3 bags of garbage and a tote full of items to donate! Not bad! Hoping for better success next week!

PS: I found a home for the storage bags, but not terribly happy with it. Where do you put yours? Leave me your ideas in the comments below!



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