Re-purpose to Decorate a Guest Room, Part 1: Rebuilding Exchange

rebuilding Exchange     25278541555_bd7b6c0230_n

Photos credit: Rebuilding Exchange

In my guest room, I have a window that just screamed WINDOW SEAT the first time I saw it. Twelve years later, I finally got around to decorating that room, and it has become the Green Room because the bedspread & lamp are green. Everything else is white, or will be white when I am done.

I found inspiration from the Rebuilding Exchange. For my birthday last year, a friend did some research to find an architectural salvage warehouse in Chicago for us to visit. I knew I wanted a couple of doors to make into a headboard for that room, but I was not sure what I wanted for that window. Browsing the night before my birthday, I saw some old metal radiator covers and knew exactly what I wanted to do. If you love old stuff and live anywhere near Chicago, visit Rebuilding Exchange at 1740 W Webster Ave, Chicago, IL 60614. You never know what they will have, but you are bound to find something you can work with.

I have always been a purist, believing that wood should be wood — no paint! Now, I have to confess that I wanted 2 old wood doors that I could paint white and mount on the wall as a headboard for a queen size bed. Browsing, I realized that painting and re-purposing older materials still saves them from the garbage dump. I have 3 projects that I will share as I complete them:

  1. Window seat from a radiator cover
  2. Headboard from wooden doors
  3. Revamped dresser

When I am done, the Green Room should be complete!

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