40 Bags in 40 Days-Week 3 Results


Well, this week I tackled a room I really, really don’t like: the laundry room. I hate doing the laundry, and I don’t like my laundry room at all. It’s not very functional. It’s narrow and the shelves are too high up. It definitely needs a makeover! But, until then, I decided I had to get it in shape so I wouldn’t avoid it as much, and keep up with all of the laundry we seem to create around here.


The room was really a catch-all of rogue items: towels, cleaning supplies, dog stuff. Vacuum and Swiffer. So, the first step was to just plow through everything and decide what needed to go and what was staying. Going won out! More stuff left the house than stayed. Woo-hoo!

This resulted in 3 bags: two for the garbage, and one of things to donate.


My grand total: 14 bags! Pretty good I think! A little behind schedule, since I’m 21 days in, but I’ll take it. It’s better than none at all.



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