Re-purpose to Decorate a Guest Room, Part 2: Window Seat

green room

In my last post, I told you I had 3 DIY projects to decorate my guest room. The first is a window seat. I found a metal radiator cover at Rebuilding Exchange. It was actually the right size and already had a back on it. I was mentally prepared to have to provide some internal supports. I got lucky!

When I got it home, I did a quick test for lead paint. You can pick up a set of lead testers at any home improvement store. They are super easy to use and you know within 30 seconds if you are dealing with lead. I got lucky again and my cover was not painted with lead-based paint. After the test, I put it on the driveway and gave it a good cleaning — just soap, water & elbow grease.

Once it dried, I used my rotary sander to smooth out its chipped surface. I used my shop vac to remove most of the surface dust, then went over the entire cover with tack cloth to get rid of any remaining residue.

After that, I used several cans, OK 6 cans, of white spray paint to cover it inside & out. I started on the back to practice my spraying motion & distance. When I had it down, I opened the lid & sprayed the inside, followed by the open lid, sides and front. I let it dry again, then did a 2nd coat in the same order.

radiator cover

I allowed it to dry in the garage for 2 days before bringing it into the house. It still had a faint paint odor, so I left it on the tile in my foyer for 2 more days before moving it upstairs on the carpet in front of the window.

Since everything I do is a work in progress, I am toying with the idea of lining the inside front with green fabric to match the bedspread. It will bring a bit more color to the room as well as hide the extra blankets & pillows I store inside.

I need to work on tiebacks for the drapes, but to get the volume and privacy I wanted for my guests, I put 2 panels of drapes together before hanging them from the rod, which is why I used grommet drapes.

My next project is re-purposing 2 wooden doors as a headboard. While I found the doors already at Rebuilding Exchange, I have not started that project yet. Please be patient. It will be weeks before that post pops up. I need this Chicago weather to cooperate when I have a day off. It’s been too cold & windy.

Happy re-purposing! Don’t forget to share your projects by leaving a comment.

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