Girls Gone Mild-Spring Break


Sorry we haven’t posted in a week! We were gearing up for our annual trip-Girls Gone Mild Spring Break. Every year, we take a weekend to get away and just have fun together, without husbands and kids.

We’ve done it at different times of year, and in different places. Sometimes it’s just the four of us; other times we have others with us.


This year, we decided to head north and stay at a place just for crafters. We invited our Aunt Patty and cousin Jessica from Florida to come along. And, a couple of Sam’s friends came along too. What a fun group this was!


Of course, we took our theme to a new level. The “swag” we had was crazy! Matching shirts, jammies, cups, headbands and even slippers! We’ll be posting tutorials on some of the items later on, so stay tuned!


The time away allowed us to unwind and just enjoy our crafts. Many, many scrapbook pages were done. We’ll have a post later this week on a contest we had using one picture and kit.




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