Birth of a Craft Room, Part 2: The Furniture


The biggest labor of love in the room is the worktable and chairs. If you read this post, you know it was my husband’s grandparents’ table and chairs. So we wanted to take great care in refinishing them.

To make it easier on us, we sent out the furniture to a local place that does refinishing, just to have them stripped. Let me tell you, this was a huge time saver! It was a little pricey, but well worth it. Everything came back in great condition.

Jackie and I went to work on doing the finish sanding before we began priming. Note: we wore masks and glasses to protect ourselves from the dust and paint.

collage table


Then we got to priming. The table was very porous, so it’s taken a couple of coats. We’ve let it dry at least a day between coats. It’s now at the primed stage, waiting for the final paint. When we do the final reveal of the room, we’ll go into more detail on the products we used.

collage chair



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