Easy DIY Teacher Gifts

collage teacher gifts

Teacher Appreciation Week was last week, and given the boys are in preschool, I had a number of teachers and aides (don’t forget the aides!!) to show appreciation. I mean, they deal with all of our kids, and are helping make them into productive little minds. They deserve so much more!

Anyway, I thought, “What would I want?” I asked Sam, who is a classroom aide, what she likes. And the consensus was something for themselves. So, I went with two of my favorite things: coffee and chocolate!

I went to Target, and found cute little pails. They also had these adorable wooden tags with gold glitter on them. I wrote on the tags, and filled each basket with a good chocolate bar and gift card for coffee. Voila! Super easy, and something they will enjoy!

This type of thing has many uses: Boss’ Day, Hostess Gift, the list goes on. It’s a good idea to have some items in “stock” at home so you can whip up a little something whenever the need arises!

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