Birth of a Craft Room, Part 3: The Storage



Crafting requires LOTS of supplies. And let’s face it, some of the best fun in crafting is finding the right supplies. And when you find some, you need to have somewhere to put them. I have a series of cubes I’ve used for a few years, available through one of the big box retailers, that have done a pretty good job for my scrapping supplies. But I’ve outgrown them. And this room really needed something to anchor it.

Jackie’s craft room is all decked out in cabinets from Ikea, so we thought that would be a good place to start. I didn’t want exactly what she had, but her room is very functional and looks great.

She, Mom and I set out on a trip to Ikea, armed with the size of the wall we were going to place them on. The room only has one solid wall, so it was the only spot to do this. Using their nifty tool, we built the cabinets virtually. We used the Besta series to do it. It allows for tons of flexibility, using drawers, small cabinets, large cabinets, you name it. You can customize it down to the legs! They even had pink doors (which I refrained from buying)!!

Once everything was done, it prints out the list of the items you need, along with where they can be found. Super easy!!

Now the hard parts: getting them home and put together. UGH!!

Brian helped unload everything into the garage, thankfully! And Jennifer volunteered her skills in putting them together. So, one nice Sunday afternoon, Jennifer went to work, and a few hours later, had all of them built and put together! She is amazing! I was the helper, putting the cabinet hinges on and such, but she could build one as fast as I could put a hinge in. Amazing, I say!

collage cabinets

She had a couple of helpers with the drawers. But when they found out there weren’t any super heroes involved, they bailed on us.

The finished product is a nice, clean-looking wall of very functional storage. When we do the big reveal, we’ll include some of our favorite organizing tools!


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