DIY Swag Bags


In our GGM post about our Spring Break trip, we told you we’d share some of the swag we made for the trip. Today, I’m going to share how Jessica and I made the Swag Bags that we put all of the items in.


I’ve done posts before on tshirts, but I wanted to share how I did the bags, because I used a different product to make them. You see, I’ve always used the transfers that are made for darker fabrics, because I liked the idea of an “edge” around the graphics. Or so I thought. When I designed these bags, and we went to work with the regular transfers, they just didn’t look right. Too much white. So we trashed what we had done so far, made a quick trip to Hobby Lobby, and got transfers for light colored fabric. And what a difference that made! The finished product is so much better!


Another thing to note, read the directions thoroughly. With this type of transfer, I had to flip my graphics so they were a mirror image because the transfer is applied face up instead of face down, as with the dark transfer paper.

Special thanks to my partner in crime, Jessica, for helping with this project. It’s kind of hard to photograph yourself when you’re working on something!


What you need:

  • Fabric Bags
  • Iron On Tranfers
  • Graphic Design
  • Iron

How to assemble:

  1. Design your graphic. I use Microsoft Word to create my designs. I will typically design in Word, and once I’m happy, I copy everything into Microsoft Paint to create one image instead of individual parts. I will then paste that image back into Word and use it.
  2. Determine the appropriate size by playing with the size and printing on plain paper to make sure it fits your bag the way you’d like.
  3. Once you are happy with the design, determine whether the image needs to face normally, or be flipped when printed. Make the appropriate adjustments, per the instructions included with the transfers.
  4. Print the transfer and cut it out, leaving about 1/8 inch around the design.
  5. Following the instructions, iron the transfer on to the bag.
  6. Let cool completely and remove the paper.




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