Minion Planter


I saw this cute planter on FB & decided to try to recreate it!
What you’ll need:

  • 2 large terra cotta planters-for the head & body
  • 2 medium for the legs/feet
  • 6 small for the arms
  • Glue or Epoxy


How to assemble:

  1. Paint the head & body bright yellow. Paint 4 of the arm pits yellow & 2 yellow w/black. I used patio paint for outdoors
  2. Paint 2 med pots bright blue w/black top.
  3. Paint the trim on one of the yellow pots bright blue & color in an apron.
  4. The eyes/goggles, I downloaded the image to Cricut Design space & printed & cut using printable vinyl.
  5. Draw on a mouth.
  6. I used twine to attach the arms & laundry line to attach the feet!
  7. Glue or epoxy the head to the body.
  8. Drop in a plant & you have hair!

2 thoughts on “Minion Planter

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