Quick Tips for Planning a Disney Cruise


In a couple of weeks, we’ll be heading down to Port Canavaral for our first Disney Cruise! It’s a three day cruise, and I’m sure it’s going to be a blast. I’ve done a ton of research on Pinterest, and found the following things to be super helpful. When we return, I’m sure I’ll have a post about the trip to share with you!

  • Create a binder. I used some of the templates from WDWPrepschool.com. This link will take you to everything they have regarding a binder. I used it for our trip to Disney World last year, but modified it for the cruise.
  • Bring your own swag! I hit the dollar store and Target to find anything I could that was Disney related. The boys don’t know where it came from, and it will save a little money on the ship.
  • Crazy woman that I am, I try to coordinate our outfits each day so that the photos look nice. This doesn’t mean we match. No way! But we may all have Mickey shirts on, or have Star Wars related clothes on. I did this for Disney World, and our photos are fantastic!
  • Bring your own mug. Soda and coffee is free on Disney Cruises, but cups are small. You are allowed to bring your own, so I decided to go all out and have mugs made for each of us. I use Zazzle.com for these types of things. Love them!
  • Bring your pirate gear! One night of the cruise will be Pirate Night, so live it up! The boys each have their own pirate costume, so those are coming along, and I signed them up at the Bippity Boppity Boutique to have a pirate makeover for the evening. We are getting into the festivities too! I found a cute Tinkerbell dress with pirate ships on it at Hottopic.com, and found the hubby a pirate “Hawaiian” shirt on Amazon.com. We’re going to be so cute!!
  • Book your excursions as quickly as you can, using the website. This made it easy for us to decide what we wanted to do when we hit land, or if we wanted to stay aboard the ship.
  • Pre-register for your cruise. You can fill out all of the paperwork, including your passport info, right online and print it out. Just sign it and make your check-in at port much easier!
  • If it’s overwhelming for you to plan a trip, use a travel agent. We have a great one at Mouseketrips we love. Call and ask for Debbie Adams! She made planning Disney World and our cruise so much easier!

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