Clay Pot Lighthouse


My lighthouse was easy, peasy!

What you’ll need:

  • 3 clay pots, different sizes
  • 1-clay saucer
  • Decorative lantern
  • Red & white outdoor paints
  • Glue

How to assemble:

  1. I stacked all three pots on top of each other, upside down, with largest on bottom. I measured the height of the stack & divided by 4.
  2. Mark off each section and draw a line around the width. It might be easier to mask off the lines or try to paint that line. My sections are painted red & white, but blue & white would be just as nice. The sections don’t have to be the exact measurement, whatever looks best to you.
  3. Paint the saucer & glue to the top.
  4. I painted each pot separately & then stacked.
  5. Either draw on a door & window or cut one using Cricut Vinyl, on your Cricut machine.
  6. Add the lantern, when done. Either glue it or leave it loose.


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