Happy Pancake Day


As you may have noticed, I do not do food posts. I am not a cook. I am not good at it; therefore,I do not enjoy it. There are way too many components that need to be chopped, cooked any number of ways and timed just right. Getting more than 1 dish completed at the same time stresses me out, which requires me to open a bottle of wine to relax, and it is not a good thing to be drunk before dinner is served! For that reason, I am a baker. I can handle 1 dish at a time. That may be why I enjoy pancakes. Well, maybe not. I really enjoy eating pancakes more than making them.If I have to cook something, though, I am a 1-dish kind of gal, and pancakes fit that bill perfectly.

With that said it has taken a lot of time, practice and searching for the right tools to make pancake making less stressful for me. My favorite tools are my crepe griddle from Stonewall Kitchen, batter dispenser and extra wide spatula. The griddle is round for crepes, which makes it super easy to make perfect crepes when you get the hang of using the wooden rake, but I also love it for pancakes because it has no sides and gets to the perfect temp. I grew up using Mom’s electric frying pan, and this crepe griddle is the best substitute I have found. (Mom still uses that electric frying pan!) The batter dispenser helps contain the mess. Part of the reason I do not like cooking is that it looks like a bomb went off in the kitchen by the time I am done, so anything that contains the mess is a huge help. It works for any kind of pancake batter — traditional American pancakes, crepes, Swedish pancakes, even waffles if you you’re feeling adventurous. Since I am pretty clumsy, the large spatula just helps my odds of getting the pancake on the spatula & flipped without incident.

Let’s talk batter. I like mixes. Sure, I can make pancakes & crepes from scratch but most of the time, I’m in a hurry and mixes are quick & less messy. Less ingredients to measure, less spills to clean up. I do prefer mixes that require fresh eggs, though. Nothing better than fresh eggs. Pre-mixing dry ingredients is 1 thing, but I like fresh wet ingredients rather than re-hydrating them by just adding water. A bit more mess is worth it. I also prefer plain mixes that I add my own fresh fruit to instead of flavored mixes. There’s nothing like fresh, plump blueberries in your pancakes or folded into a crepe with some sliced strawberries. So much better than dehydrated fruit. I did learn the hard way that you drop the blueberries onto the pancake after pouring the batter onto the griddle. My first attempt, I stirred them into the batter and wound up with purple pancakes!

So on National Pancake Day, step into the kitchen, or go to your favorite diner, and enjoy some pancakes. They are delicious anytime of day — sweet or savory. They come from all around the world, in all shapes and sizes made from all sorts of grains and goodies. In the pics today, I have made blueberry pancakes, plain crepes and aebleskiver (Danish pancakes that I must confess I bought frozen at Trader Joe’s). I also love Swedish pancakes, which are a cross between an American pancake and crepe. Don’t forget about potato pancakes, blintz, Dutch baby and arepa. Yum!


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