Cruise Magnets


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One of the fun things about a Disney Cruise is that you can decorate your door! That let’s those of us crazy, crafty moms show our skills. I looked around on Pinterest to see what was out there, and looked at what it would cost to do it through Etsy. And decided I could do it myself. Ok, I needed help from Mom, our resident Cricut expert, but they would be made and not bought!

I would say this is not for the novice. I had a basic understanding of how to use the Cricut Design Space but this was past my level of skill. Good thing Mom uses hers as much as her cell phone! Although I’m posting this project, I will be posting “how-to” articles for the specific steps using the Cricut later on. But if you’re comfortable with the Design Space now, you’ll be just fine!


What you need:

  • Cricut machine
  • Cricut Design Space access
  • Magnet paper
  • Cardstock
  • Glue


How to assemble:

  1. Using the Cricut Design Space, find the image you’d like to use. If you already own it, it will be free, but you can also download images and pay per image, instead of buying an entire cartridge. If you prefer, you can load your cartridge into your machine and select your image. I chose to purchase this Mickey head, because it contained layers and would work for my theme. Click here for a special 10% off deal for our readers!!
  2. Decide on the size you’d like to create. In my case, I wanted larger Mickey heads for the adults, and smaller for the kids. Lay out your designs on the work space in the Design Space, making sure they fit appropriately.
  3. The steps to cut are very straightforwared. Follow the screen and your machine. You will select your paper type, load and cut. It’s that easy.
  4. To cut the magnet paper, we selected Magnet Paper and set my machine to “Custom”. We also recut it a couple of times to make sure it cut through all of the way. To do this, just feed the page back in and cut.
  5. To create the names, I just created a new project, and selected a font. Here’s the cool thing about the Design Space, it will look at your computer (or tablet) to see what fonts you have. I had a “Disney” type font already in my Word fonts, so I used that. But you can purchase a font from Cricut, or use your own cardtridge.
  6. Using the Design Space, you can weld the letters together so that each name cuts as a single item. (tutorial on this to come!)
  7. Once you have all of your pieces, it’s time to assemble each magnet. Glue each piece onto the magnet. Once all are on, it’s wise to put them somewhere to dry and make sure all of the glue adheres. I sandwiched them between my many crafting mats, and put heavy items on top and let them sit for 2 days.



Bonus How-To:

Do you see that cute Mickey in the photo at the top of the post? Well, I used my Cricut to do that too. Here’s what you do:

  1. Find an image you’d like to use. I just found one online and saved it to my Surface.
  2. Using the Design Space, upload the image and follow the instructions, making sure you get rid of the “white space” of the image.
  3. The Design Space will walk you through printing the image on your printer and then cutting it on the Cricut.
  4. Because we were mounting the image on a tiny scrap of magnet, we decided to glue it on, and then cut the magnet freehand. I think it’s adorable!

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