Embellish Your Heart Out

It has been ages since we have done a scrapbooking post, so this is for all of the scrappers out there. I am an embellisher! If you have some extra doodads, I always vote to add them to the page. The more the merrier and all that. You are typically scrapping moments you love, and bright, happy embellishments help show the love bursting from your heart.

The key to adding lots of embellishments is balance. I typically select my photo and papers first. Then I decide on my layout and choose a few main embellishments. My go to favorites tend to be anything chipboard because I love the dimension they add to the page. I also currently am obsessed with with enamel pieces because they add a bit of shine and dimension without too much flash — Mom and Jill are the blingy gals. I also decide where I want my journaling and type that up. Sometimes I cut my journaling into strips and sometimes I use it whole. It just depends on the feel of the page. For those of you wondering, I type my journaling because my handwriting looks worse than a kindergartener’s, and I feel it ruins my pages. I LOVE my typewriter. I also either cut my title out on my Cricut or use chipboard or sticker letters and place that on most pages. Sometimes, I let the photo and embellishments speak for themselves.

Once I have all of that on my page I sometimes set the page aside for a bit — could be a few minutes or weeks. I keep a project bin of unfinished pages that I flip through periodically and add to as I am inspired. I know this must drive many of you crazy, but like myself, my pages are a work in progress. To calm everyone’s nerves, I promise I only have about 5 or 6 pages in progress at a time, and they truly are just waiting for finishing touches. To everyone who cringed reading this paragraph, I challenge you to try walking away from your next page before you declare it finished and place it in your scrapbook. Give it a bit then go back and look at it with fresh eyes. You will want to add something. Some new creative idea will have come to you during that break. Live on the edge!

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