Glass Lazy Susan


I love pink glass from the 1940s and 1950s. I also love a good Lazy Susan. So when I was trying to find something for the Pink Palace to put in the middle of the newly refinished table, I thought about a Lazy Susan. It would be handy and helpful. But I didn’t like anything I found. I hit Pinterest (of course), asked my sisters for ideas, and we came to the conclusion that I could make one using dishes. I first set out to use cute old pieces of china. But when I got to my favorite antique store, I hit the mother-load of pink glass. OMG!! There were so many pieces to choose from, I couldn’t decide. So I figured out the pieces for the Lazy Susan. And bought some of the others, just because.

Let me just tell you, this is a super easy DIY. So don’t be intimidated by it’s beauty!

What you need:

  • Glass, china or stoneware pieces of various sizes. Cannot be plastic
  • Glass adhesive, such as E6000, available at any hardware store
  • Heavy objects to weight the pieces down
  • Lazy Susan turntable, available on



How to assemble:

  1. Decide on the order of your pieces, with the largest on the bottom, smallest on top. I used a shallow, footed bowl as my top piece.
  2. With the first bottom piece sitting on a piece of newspaper or cardboard, apply adhesive to the bottom of the middle piece, carefully. You don’t want too much, but you want the entire bottom covered.
  3. Carefully set middle piece on top of the bottom in the position you’d like it. Press firmly and weight it down. Let sit about 30 minutes.
  4. Repeat the process with the top piece, applying adhesive and positioning it onto the middle piece. Weight the entire Lazy Susan down and let sit overnight so all of the adhesive dries.
  5. Attach the turntable to the bottom of the bottom piece. Again, weight it down and let it sit overnight to dry. I chose a clear, 1/2 inch thick turntable that cost about $5 and it is perfect.

The options for doing this are endless. What would you use to make one?? Let us know in the comments!

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