Family Friendly Halloween Costumes



We are a family that loves Halloween. Well, everyone but Sam. We’ve also been a family that seems to create our own costumes instead of buying them. As you can see from the picture above, Mom started all this. The year was 1975 (YIKES!), and she made me a witch, Jack a clown, and Sam was Raggedy Ann. I think they turned out really cute, and I remember thinking it was cool that I had a real costume and not some hot, sweaty plastic thing!

The traditions have carried on, so we figured we’d show you some really simple, family friendly costume ideas that you could put together easily. Not much, if any, sewing is involved in most of these!



Coach-This is a funny one. Joey wanted to be a coach. So, Sam put this together, and as you can see, it’s just a set of sweats she glued letters onto, bought a wig, headband and wristbands, and there you have it!









Monkey Ballerina-This is sooooo cute! All Sam did was mesh two things together: an old monkey costume that Joey wore for years, and some cute little ballerina pieces, and you have the cutest girl ever!









Crazy Cat Lady-My absolute favorite costume that Abbey has worn. All Sam did was put her in jammies and a robe, use some toy cats and put her hair in curlers. It was absolutely adorable and so easy to do!







Bo Peep and Sheep-Mom made this costume years ago for a Halloween party we all attended. For Bo Peep, she did sew the costume, using a pattern. But for the sheep (Mom and Dad), she used sweats and glued cotton balls onto them. She made the hats from felt and more cotton balls. It was a labor of love though. She burned her hands a bit with the glue gun doing this, and they weigh a ton! But I think it’s all worth it!






Family-It doesn’t have to match to be cute. Here, Sam mad herself a scarecrow just by making a cute wig and doing her makeup. Joe is a pumpkin, Joey is a zombie and look at that cute little poodle! So cute!




Beekeeper and Bees-For the boys’ first Halloween, I wanted something cute but comfy and this was it! I bought their little bee costumes, which where soft and fuzzy and had the hood built in. To make my costume, I whipped up a tutu, glued yellow fabric onto a black top, and topped it off with a crown (Queen Bee, get it??). For Brian’s, he had khaki pants and a shirt, and the beige fishing hat, so I made a name tag to tape to his shirt, and bought some netting and little bees, and glued them onto the hat. Super easy and so fun!







Pirates-We love to go to Boo at the Zoo, at Brookfield Zoo each year. And what better way than to dress up like pirates! All of these things were stuff we had from old costumes or from dress up clothes the kids had. Arggg!









Gru & Minions-Another super easy one. I found the little hoodies and baseball caps at Target for the boys on clearance, and all I had to get was my dress and a scarf for Brian. Tada! What a cute bunch of Minions!






Toy Story-Our boys are Toy Story fanatics. When we went to Disney World last year, and they met Buzz and Woody, it was such a moving experience. The pure joy on their faces are something parents live for. So this same year, we dressed as characters. I bought the boys the Disney costumes, because they were just too cute. But for Brian and I, I just bought t-shirts that were potato color, and cut out the Potato Head pieces and glued them on. For my cute little hat, I bought a doll sized straw hat and glued flowers on, then attached it to a headband. Super easy! The boys still wear these costumes all of the time!





These are just a few of the ideas we’ve had over the years. What are some of your easy, go-to costume ideas? Share them with us!


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