Helpful Holiday Food Websites


The holidays are getting close, and we thought we would share some of the websites we turn to for recipe ideas. With Thanksgiving, Christmas, and all sorts of parties and gatherings, it’s nice to have some places to turn to when you’re looking for a good idea. Sometimes we follow the recipe they have, or sometimes they serve as inspiration for our on creations.

I’ve sorted them by big websites and other blogs, in case you have a preference.

  • Always a staple for me. They have just about every recipe under the sun, especially if you’ve seen something on their network that you must try. I use it to find recipes from my favorite chefs (Alton Brown, Ina Garten to name a couple), or if I’m looking for something obscure.
  • Great site for using their products. We’ve had some great recipes come from them, especially those things that are holiday related. Their “Cherry Ring” is amazing.
  • Another site that’s great for finding specific recipes, and ways to lighten them up. I wouldn’t call them “diet” recipes, but ones that take a bit of the fat and other bad things out sometimes.
  • Very big database of recipes. They also take submissions from their readers, so you get some recipes that are tried and true family recipes. Also, their holiday recipes are wonderful. My “Bunny Bread” for Easter comes from this site and it’s a family favorite!


Now some blogs that we use as inspiration. I found that I was pinning recipes from the same blogs on Pinterest, so here are a few favorites.

  • Great recipes, by a mom of little kids. She’s cut out a lot of processed food, and they are such good recipes. Her oven fries are to die for!
  • Yes, she’s grown to  be a huge player in the TV chef world, but I’ve been using her recipes forever. They are always family friendly and feed a ton of people.
  • These recipes are tried and true favorites, but slimmed down. They even contain the Weight Watchers points if you’re watching your weight. We love her Cajun Chicken Pasta!

What are some of your favorite sites for recipes? Please share them with us!

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