Pumpkin Topiary


Do you have extra plastic pumpkins laying around? Have you seen them on uber-clearance and thought about what you could do with them? Look no further, we have an idea for you. Our good friend (since birth), Jennifer, did some research on Pinterest and got to work on creating topiaries for the planters in front of her house. It’s a craft that uses everyday items and is relatively easy. Also, there’s so much you can do with them to put your personal touch on them.

Thanks to Jen for the awesome idea!!

What you need:

  • Plastic pumpkins,
  • garden stakes
  • paint & small paint sponge brush
  • weights/rocks to put inside each pumpkin
  • cotton spider webs
  • Optional materials: black ink instead of paint, glue gun, string of xmas lights/ any individual battery candle lights. And a base to stack the pumpkins on, like a planter or decorated box.


How to assemble:

  1. Cut off the handle.
  2. Paint a line of black paint in the lines/grooves downward on the pumpkin. (suggestion, only paint 3 or so at a time). Pat the sponge dry a bit, then in a downward motion using the sponge brush, brush over and downward around those grooves. This will even out the paint in the grooves. Leave a little more paint in the grooves as it gives the pumpkin “depth”. Only do downward strokes. Very tempting to brush up and down, if you do that you will see the brush strokes. After doing this a few times you will see what I mean. The paint doesn’t dry very quickly so you have time to correct mistakes. I’m sure this could also work if you use white or any other color paint on a black pumpkin.
  3. At the bottom of each pumpkin, using a knife “slit” an X, that is where you will insert the garden stake to stack the pumpkins upright and in a straight line. Don’t carve a hole. the x keeps the garden stake in place.
  4. In the container of your choice, place the garden stake, and the bottom pumpkin; fill with rocks to weight it down. Place the next pumpkin on top and continue to repeat until you’ve created the topiary as high as you’d like.

pump-purp-aftr   pump-or-b4-n-aftr

Lighting suggestions: I had the battery tea light candles to put in each one. Didn’t work for mine, the lights weren’t strong enough. So I ended up putting in the top pumpkins the round battery operated tap lights that are advertised for use in your closets or stairways. worked perfect. Even better, I had a Halloween strobe light that I put in one of them. Looked pretty awesome. I will probably buy a couple more, especially now that Halloween stuff will be on clearance. Pinterest suggested using a set of xmas lights wrapped around the garden stake. I didn’t because then you have to worry about extension chords, and where your outside outlets are. You could also use this as an inside decorations in your house, in the hallway, fireplace…


One thought on “Pumpkin Topiary

  1. Thank you Jill! Jackie, Samantha Secor Wagner & Pat Secor for posting on your blog. You guys inspire me to get going on my crafting projects! This was an easy, cheap fun project to do.


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