Best Sites to Shop for a Crafter


Since shopping season has begun, we thought we’d share some of the sites we use when we are looking for supplies and products. Note: some have affiliate links (which means we may get paid if you purchase from them).  These are in no particular order! Let’s start with the right equipment. We’ve had so many Cricut machines, and the various products that go along with them, that we can’t live without them now. So many of the things we do start here. So, if you have a crafter that doesn’t have one, get them one. Stat!! A great site for scrapbooking supplies. She occasionally runs specials, which are always worth the wait. She is local to us, so we got to go visit her warehouse, and choose items right there, and it was really neat to see how she does it. It’s a great small business, and I love supporting them! Another great source, also here in Chicago. The site has grown a ton in the last year, and we love the deals we find here. Great site that allows you to pre-order new products. Very large selection of items, and they always have specials running. This is a wonderful site for finding organizational items. I used their storage items to help keep my scrapbooking kits organized. Also have good sales!

There are so many websites out there, including the big box stores, but these are our go-to sites. What are you favorite places to shop for supplies?

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