Cricut Explore: Cutting Multiple Colors on 1 Mat


Sam and I each got the Cricut Explore for Christmas! Exciting stuff. Mom and Jill have had theirs practically since they came out. The funny thing is that we all use ours differently for totally different purposes. With a busy work schedule, my new Cricut barely got out of the box before New Year’s Eve, and I’ll admit I got frustrated quickly. So after appetizers & a good amount of wine, but before Raclette on New Year’s Eve, Mom gave me a quick tutorial that made me much more comfortable with my new machine.  The wine did not hurt!

The issue I had was having to change mats for every color layer I needed. I mean, that is a lot of work! With my old Cricut, I could move my cutting blade to a new area of the mat and cut a different color without changing mats. Why couldn’t I do that with this super smart new Cricut? Right?

Thanks to Debbie ONeal’s YouTube video, I found out I can! I highly recommend watching the video, but here are the steps in case you don’t have the 11 minutes to watch her tutorial.

What you need:

  • Cricut Explore machine
  • Cardstock in desired colors
  • Design Studio on preferred device

How to Do it:

1. From Design Studio on your prefered device, Select & Insert your image

2. Click on the Image

3. Click on Layers

4. At the bottom of the Layers menu, click Ungroup


5. Drag each section of your image to a different portion of your mat (if you have 6 pieces, placing each piece in a 3×3 grid on the mat works perfectly)


6. Once everything is placed, Select All

7. Go to the Layers Menu & select Attach


8. Selecting Attach will change all pieces to the same color, but that is fine! You control the color by what you place on the mat

9. Set aside your device & grab your mat & colored cardstock

10. Cut the cardstock into 3×3 inch squares & place on the mat according to how you have laid out the pieces of your image


11. Go back to your device & hit Go

12. Load your mat

13. Press your Cricut head C

14. Watch the magic happen

15. Assemble your image


Instead of changing mats 6 times to make the above flower, you just did it all on 1 mat. Easy peasy! As a matter of fact it’s so easy you can enjoy a glass of wine while you work.

Get cutting!!


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