Cheer Bows

Photo credit: Angela Ambroffi

Photo credit: Angela Ambroffi

If you know anything about youth sports, you know it’s a family affair. Doesn’t matter if it’s baseball, soccer or hockey, everyone loves to go watch the kids play. Recently, my nephew’s hockey team made it to the championship game. Sam was trying to think of something to give the sisters of the players, as a thank you for all of the time they spend at hockey games supporting their brothers. I thought of cheer bows!! I mean, what says team spirit better?? And, since I only have boys, the chance to make something for a bunch of girls made me giddy!

My dilemma: I knew nothing about making one. But I wasn’t afraid to jump right in and figure it out. My first stop was Pinterest to find DIY tips on making the bows. Next was You Tube. I looked through various videos to figure out how to make the bow two colors. I wish I found one video that really helped, but it was watching a few and some trial and error that worked. I’m thinking we need to start our own You Tube channel soon!

This will sound like a lot of steps, but I promise you, it’s not hard. Once you get the hang of shaping the bow and using the Cricut Design Space, you’ll be able to create them quickly. I was able to make 14 bows in about 2 hours.


What you need:

  • 2 1/2 – 3 inch wide gross-grain ribbon, cut to 30 inches long. I found a glittery ribbon that worked perfectly.
  • Coordinating 1/2 inch ribbon to make the middle of the bow
  • Glitter Iron-On vinyl. I use Cricut brand, since I know the quality. It’s available here.
  • Printable Iron-On. Also available here.
  • Small zip ties. These can be found at any hardware store
  • Elastic hair tie
  • Iron
  • Scissors
  • Cricut machine, pads and Design Space
  • Hot glue gun and glue


How to Assemble:

  1. Start by cutting your wide ribbon to 30 inches long. This will make a good sized bow.
  2. Cut your glitter iron-on to be about 1/4 inch wider than your ribbon, and 15 inches long.
  3. Align the glitter iron-on so that one long side is flush with the edge of the ribbon, and overhangs the opposite. The short end should be flush.
  4. Using your iron, set to “Cotton”, iron on the glitter iron-on. Make sure to keep moving so that it doesn’t burn the material or stick. Remove the plastic protective coating and let cool a few minutes.
  5. Trim the excess iron-on, being careful not to cut into the ribbon. You can use scissors or your paper cutter to do this.
  6. To make the bow, fold one side over the other, creating a loop with two legs, very similar to the cancer awareness ribbons.
  7. From the back, begin pinching the material, from the back piece to the front piece to make a bow shape, keeping the two loops even, and the tails of the bow long. This takes a bit of practice, so just keep doing it until you like the look. I used the seam made from the iron-on in the back as my guide to make sure the different colors were even, since it covers half of the ribbon.
  8. Once you are happy, use the small zip tie to secure the bow, placing the zipper on the back at the base of the bow. Leave it a bit loose so you can fix the bow. Once you are done, zip it tightly and cut off the remaining zip tie so it is flush with the zipper portion.
  9. Making sure the tails of the bow are even in length, notch each to create the inverted “V” in them. Fold the tail in half and make the cut from the bottom, up diagonally. Repeat on the second tail.
  10. Using your glue gun, affix the hair tie to the back of the bow. I placed it just under the zipper of the zip tie for extra security.
  11. Cut a piece of the smaller ribbon about 3- 4 inches long. Using your glue gun, affix the ribbon around the center of the bow, starting at the hair tie and wrapping it around.
  12. Using the Cricut Design Space, create your logo. We used the team’s logo, and created a printable iron-on. Follow the directions to print and cut the logo. Note: if using iron-on material, you’ll want to make sure your instructions tell you to flip the image. We sized the image to 1 1/2 inches to fit the ribbon width.
  13. Again using the Design Space, create the numbers of your players. We chose to do these in the glitter iron-on material. Note: you will want to flip the image. We sized the images to be 1 1/2 inches wide, so they would fit the width of the ribbon we used.
  14. Once the images have been cut out, and all excess materials have been removed, iron them onto the bows. This just takes seconds. You don’t want to burn any of the materials.


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