Hosting a Tea Party

A couple of weeks ago, my boys wanted to have a tea party. We have a little play kitchen, and a few dishes, but not enough to have one, even for the three of us. I thought it would be fun to ask Grandma, Auntie Sam and Abbey over, so we could really have a fun time!

The challenge was creating one that would interest two 4 year old boys! I had to make sure the food and drinks were very kid friendly. I made sure the boys were involved in everything from helping to make the food, to setting the table and serving.

We started by getting a tea set. I didn’t want to spend much on it, given that it was probably a fluke, so we headed to Walmart and bought a cheap plastic set. While there, we shopped for the food on our menu. And of course our “tea”.

Here’s how I involved the boys:

  • They helped prepare the food. We made egg salad sandwiches, cucumber sandwiches, turkey tulip sandwiches, and blueberry jam sandwiches. We used super thin bread and the little square rye bread, and cut the crusts off of everything! And used a cookie cutter to make the tulips. They loved helping.

  • Next, they helped me set the table. Will picked out flowers at the store, and we put them in the middle of the table, and used our Easter tablecloth, along with a smaller, embroidered tablecloth that was made by their great-grandmother.
  • They helped dry the tea set after I removed it from the package and washed it. Then they set the table. This is a chore they do usually, but just the forks and napkins. They set the plates, silverware and cups for everyone.

  • It was dress up time! They both put on button down shirts and bow ties, so they could look the part of the gentlemen.
  • Once our guests arrived, they asked the ladies where they wanted to sit, and escorted them to their seats, pulling out their chairs. Sure, I guided them a bit, but they picked up on it and did very well.
  • We worked on table manners, by putting their napkins in their lap, serving the ladies first, and eating appropriately.

It was really great fun, and an awesome opportunity to have fun, and still teach the boys some lessons on etiquette. It’s never too young to work on raising gentlemen!


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