Room Inspiration-Boys’ Playroom

If you’re a mom of kids, you probably have a room full of toys that you spend an endless amount of time trying to keep neat and organized. I seem to fail at this task regularly, and at times, just let the mess happen. In our house, we have two rooms. One in the basement, and one on our main floor. This room, which had my craft room at one time, is designated the den, and is right off of the family room.

My vision for the room, since adding the playroom downstairs, has been to make this more of a classroom/arts and crafts place for the kids. As you can see from the pictures, I’m failing at this too!

But I’m not giving up! When the boys go back to school next week, Operation Playroom will be underway. The main  furniture will stay, but much of the clutter will be gone. I’d love for the kitchen to be gone, but honestly, Will loves to play chef and restaurant, so I don’t want to discourage that.

Our theme will be Super Heroes! If you have boys, you don’t need to ask why. We have them everywhere, including costumes, toys, books, clothes, the only thing missing is the room!

Here are some of my inspirations. These are what have spurred my ideas, and in the coming weeks, I’ll be posting the projects as we complete them, and the finished room.


I want the room to be a nice, easy color, one that will wear and grow with the boys. So nothing too “baby”. I’d also love to add a cityscape on the large wall, in chalkboard paint.  And since we are Lego crazy, I’m considering using “Block tape” to make the windows in the buildings in the city.

One cityscape I liked was from Sugar Tot Design’s room. That wall, with the signals, and yellow windows is exactly what I’m thinking.

Courtesy of

See the yellow windows? I’m considering using this so the boys can build from the wall. Cool, huh??

As for paint color, I’m leaning toward “Drip”, by Behr. Its a nice blue, without being too baby blue or too grey.


It’s super easy to get excited about Super Hero decorations. I mean, there are great ideas everywhere, and the materials are so easy to get!

First, you need to have a place to hang your capes, right?? Isn’t this adorable?

And this?? I’ll be taking tips from Love The Nerds for sure!


But I think this is my favorite!!

So, I’m very excited to get started! Tune in over the next few weeks to see my progress!!

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