About GGM

GGM 2014

We became the Girls Gone Mild several years ago when all of the men in the family went off to some race for a weekend, and all of us girls decided we were going to have a wild girls’ night at Mom’s house.  To justify all of the margaritas we planned to drink, we went with a Mexican theme, complete with a piñata.  We ate enchiladas, did facials, drank margaritas and smashed a few pepper lights strung from Mom’s gazebo swinging at the piñata in our pjs.  We realized then that we had transitioned from wild to MILD!

Not too long later, Mom and Dad went on a cruise to Alaska.  When she got home she started scrap booking that trip.  Once Mom got her first Cricut, she was hooked. That first Cricut was passed on to Jill when Mom got the latest version. Then Jill was hooked too. When the next generation hit stores, Sam got the first machine and Jill got the second. With Mom’s next upgrade, the machines rotated again, landing that first machine at my house when I reluctantly agreed to take it. For her birthday shortly after that, I took Mom shopping for scrapbook supplies — for her — but she just kept handing me things I would need to get started. That shopping trip completely sucked me in.

That spring we decided to drive up to Milwaukee for the Scrapbook Expo and make a weekend of it. We decided we needed a name & logo for our little group. From there we needed t-shirts. All pretty reasonable, right?  Once we decided we were Girls Gone Mild & designed our logo we decided we needed more branded gear. We made tote bags to hold all of the goodies we planned to buy, wine glasses for all the wine we planned to drink each night at the hotel, scrapbooks for all of the pages we would make, flip flops to go with our shirts, and signs for our car windows on the trek up there. You’ve got it, “Scrap Expo Or Bust”, “Show Us Your Brads” and “Honk If You Scrap”.  Clearly we’re a group that goes overboard.

Let’s go through the characters that make up GGM and give you a little more info on us. Each one of us will be adding our two cents to our posts, so you’ll get a feel for each of us and the things we like (or don’t)!

Pat: She’s our mom. The Queen Bee. But she’s about the nicest Bee around. She has been married to our dad for almost 50 years, and some say should be a saint for it! She is the best role model for women, and taught us how to be strong and independent, without sacrificing who we are to get what we want. Although she worked, she had dinner on the table every night. She taught us how to cook, craft, and even sew. She can make a wicked Halloween costume!

Jill: The oldest of the clan. Sort of the Bossy Bessy. She’s been married to Brian for 15 years, and was quite the career woman. She is also the mom to twin 3 year old boys, who just happen to be adopted. She recently gave up her career to be a stay at home mom, and devote more time to her family. Avid cook, she has quite the cookbook collection. She loves to throw a party and is crazy about spreadsheets.

Jackie: Middle sister. Very creative, and went to school to be a journalist. An incredible photographer, who loves to document our family fun. Loves to bird watch and take trips to local farms to pick and then can her yummy finds. And, boy can she make a mean lasagna and cheesecake (not together)!

Sam: Baby girl. She’s the mom to Joey, our resident hockey player, and Abbey, Princess of the family. She stayed home with the kids and recently went back to school to be a teacher’s assistant for her local school district, working with special needs children. She studied for this, but has a unique perspective being the parent of a child with Down Syndrome. She is creative and crafty, and can crochet just about anything!

The Rest of the Gang: There’s Dad, Brian, Jennifer and Joe. All the very important people that support the four of us. And then there are the kids: Joey, Abbey, Will and Charlie. Without them, life would be very boring. Lastly, there are the honorary members of GGM: the crazy ladies we call Aunt, Cousin, Friend. They’re the ones that REALLY make us laugh. And some of what we laugh about will never make it to these pages!