Cheer Bows

Photo credit: Angela Ambroffi

Photo credit: Angela Ambroffi

If you know anything about youth sports, you know it’s a family affair. Doesn’t matter if it’s baseball, soccer or hockey, everyone loves to go watch the kids play. Recently, my nephew’s hockey team made it to the championship game. Sam was trying to think of something to give the sisters of the players, as a thank you for all of the time they spend at hockey games supporting their brothers. I thought of cheer bows!! I mean, what says team spirit better?? And, since I only have boys, the chance to make something for a bunch of girls made me giddy! Continue reading

Things to Do in Branson with Kids


This summer, we were looking for somewhere to go camping, with things for everyone to do. We decided to go to Branson, Missouri, since it’s a beautiful place in the Ozarks and we could visit with my aunt and cousin, who live just a couple of hours away. ¬†On the surface, Branson doesn’t sound like the kind of place to take two three year olds. Continue reading